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Halloween Info

 Halloween Day: Halloween day is on a Monday this year and students are encouraged to wear a costume with the understanding that masks and costume weapons that may accompany the evening attire don't come to school. Masks make it difficult for students to see in crowded hallways and playgrounds and the costume weapons (that's a no brainer ). Please remember that if your child leaves part of a costume at school they won't be able to have it for the Halloween evening as the school, although supervised, will be secured. If this is a concern for you and your child, please send them in a costume that could accidentally be forgotten at school and they will still have a fun filled night (as well as you).

Halloweenies: These will be the special of the day in the cafeteria on Halloween day and are $2.00 each or 2 weenies, 1 bag of chips and a juice for $5.50 (with milk is $5.00). No pre-ordering required. 

Important Notice for 2016-2017

To all Parents, students and staff

Please inform the school or your child’s teacher if your child has been exposed to, or has contracted any virus or infection such as chicken pox, impetego, strep throat, pneumonia, pink eye, etc.

We will have students attending next school year who are highly susceptible to infection due to immuno suppression.

Keep in mind also when packing lunches/snacks for your child, that our school is considered a nut/peanut safe and lentil safe school. This includes all forms of lentils/peas. We have students attending who are severely allergic to these food.

Our school is also a scent-free school. We ask that you chose scent free or low scent detergents, fabric softeners , sunscreens and insect repellents.