2010-11 to 2012-13


In 2010, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the school with a special cake and presentations.

Halloween Heads, led by Mrs Jewer, continued to be a favourite event  and our Christmas concerts were always a success, with each one better than the last. Students also enjoyed the annual Christmas turkey dinner (served by our wonderful volunteers), our annual skating Valentines outing at the Chester Rink, DARE and safety presentations.

We had visits from a variety of gueste such as: Jamie Junger (who did a songwriting workshop with the grade 5s), Andy and Ariana, Neptune Theatre, and Science in the Schools.

The choir, under the direction of Mrs Wimmer, took first place at the Music Festival and participated in Stars of the Festival in Lunenburg. Several students and community members took part in the Talent Show on the last day of school each June.

In June of 2013, Mr Page decided to change schools and we got a new principal in September.