Mill Cove & Blandford School Archive

The earliest teacher on record in this area was James McRae in 1845. At that time, teachers boarded from house to house. The length of their stay was dependent upon the number of children contributed to the school by a particular family. McRae also taught in Fox Point in 1846.

A school was erected in Fox Point in 1876 and in Mill Cove in 1878. In 1951, a new school was opened in Fox Point and in 1965, a new facility  was opened in Mill Cove. This building was built from the plans for Blandford Elementary, which had been completed 1964.

Mill Cove School originally had four rooms but with the establishment of CFS Mill Cove in 1967, two additional rooms were needed. At one time, nearly 60% of the school population came from the base. Both staff and students enjoyed an excellent working relationship with the Commander and staff of the base.

The first principal of Mill Cove was Mrs. Doris Shatford. She was succeeded by Mrs. Florence Clark. It was during this time that both Fox Point and Mill Cove came under one administration.

In 1976, Mr. Manley Bennett became principal and in 1979, the two boards of trustees were joined thus giving us one school in two buildings. Sims Settlement (one of the last remaining one-room schoolhouses) entered the fold in 1986, giving us one school in three buildings!

From 1972 to 1986, Fox Point housed grades Primary and grade 1, while Sims Settlement housed Primary, and grades 1 and 2. Students in grades 2 to 7 attended the Mill Cove building. Prior to 1976, many Sims students journeyed the 32 km to Blandford (rather than to Mill Cove) for grades 3 to 6.

From 1986 to 1992, Mill Cove, Fox Point and Sims Settlement housed the following grades: Fox Point - Primary and grade 1; Sims Settlement - grade 2; Mill Cove - grades 3 to 7. Mill Cove District School served an area from the Northwest Cove line, to the Halifax County line, and up to the East River line.

With the opening of a new high school (Forest Heights) in Chester Grant in 1992, the grade 6s and 7s were moved to the Middle School in Chester. Sims Settlement School was also closed in 1992 and the grade 2s were moved to Mill Cove.

In 1994, Blandford Elementary and Mill Cove District were joined under one principal, Mrs. Patricia Helm. This family of schools concept remained in effect until 2000 when the three buildings were closed and a new facility, the Aspotogan Consolidated Elementary School, was open to serve the students of the area.

Mill Cove & Blandford Family of Schools 1994-2000    

Principal:  Mrs. Patricia Helm                                                                                                                                                                                  

VPs:  Mrs. Glynda Wimmer (Mill Cove);  Mrs. Ann Thornton & Mrs. Cheryl Schnare (Fox Point);  Ms. Deborah Mitchell & Mrs. Sharron Nauss (Blandford)


Mill Cove School 1976-1994

Principal:  Mr. Manley Bennett     

VPs/Acting Principals:  Miss Linda MacIntyre (January-June 1994);  Mrs. Trudie Helmke (1990-1991); Mr. Brian Cooper (May/June 1988);  Mrs. Doreen Valverde (1986-1987);  Mr. Steve Simon (1976-1977)  


Mill Cove School, prior to 1976

Principal:  Mrs. Florence Clarke (1971-1976);  Mrs. Doris Shatford (1965-1970)


Blandford Elementary, prior to 1994

Principal:  Mrs. Patricia Helm (1993 - 1994); Mrs. Trudie Helmke (1992 - 1993);  Mrs. Patricia Helm (1990 - 1992);  Miss Patricia Howard (1988 - 1990);  Mrs. Phyllis Publicover 1971 - 1988);  Mrs. Florence Clarke 

Thanks to Manley Bennett, Pat Helm and the Blandford Historical Society for helping with dates and information.