About Our School

Aspotogan Consolidated Elementary School first opened in September of 2000. This P3 facility is part of the South Shore Regional Centre for Education and replaces the former Mill Cove District, Fox Point and Blandford Elementary schools. 

Located in Lunenburg County on the beautiful Aspotogan Peninsula, ACES sits on a seven-acre site at Mill Cove Park (the former CFS Mill Cove). We are midway between Halifax and Bridgewater in the Hubbards area. Halifax, approximately 50 km east of us, is the capital of Nova Scotia. The village of Chester is 18 km west, on the way towards Mahone Bay, Lunenburg and Bridgewater.

Students attend ACES from Primary to grade 5, then go to Chester Area Middle School for grades 6-8 and Forest Heights Community School for grades 9-12.

Prior to 1988 students attended one of four buildings: Sims Settlement School (opened in 1950), Fox Point School (1951), Blandford Elementary School (1964), and Mill Cove School, (1965).

Mill Cove School, built from the same plans as Blandford Elementary, originally had four rooms. With the establishment of CFS Mill Cove in 1967, two additional rooms were added. At one time, nearly 60% of our students came from CFS Mill Cove. Both staff and students enjoyed an excellent working relationship with the Commander and Administration of the Base.

In 1973, the Mill Cove and Fox Point buildings were amalgamated for ease of administration under the principalship of Mrs. Florence Clarke.

Mr. Manley Bennett became principal in 1976, the same year in which grade 7s were moved to Mill Cove as a temporary measure to relieve overcrowding in Chester.

In 1986, Sims Settlement became part of the fold. Although each building retained its unique name, the collective became known as Mill Cove District School and served students from Primary to grade 7.

In 1992, the grade 7 students were transferred back to Chester. The grade 6s were also moved to Chester. As a result, Sims Settlement School closed and students (in grade 2 at the time) were transferred to the Mill Cove building.

In 1994, Blandford Elementary School joined Mill Cove District as part of a family of schools under the principalship of Mrs. Patricia Helm. Each school building also had an on-site vice-principal.

After many years of advocating for a new educational facility on the peninsula, a comprehensive (and sometimes adversarial) series of meetings began in earnest. Staff and board members, parents, and interested community leaders were encouraged to participate in goal setting and transitioning to a new school. The building was to be a P3 facility - a Public Private Partnership with the Southwest Regional School Board, the Ashford Consortium, and the Nova Scotia Department of Education.

The result was Aspotogan Consolidated Elementary School (ACES) which officially opened in September of 2000. Mrs. Helm co-ordinated the transition and continued as principal until 2005 (except for a brief period in 2001-2002).

Administrators following Mrs. Helm:

2005 to 2007 - Mrs. Helen Lanthier

2007 to 2013 - Mr. Miles Page

2013 to 2015 - Mrs. Paula Baker 

2015 to 2018 - Ms. Carol Hughes

2018 to present - Mr. Miles Page

The teaching staff consists of a blend of experienced and early career teachers, teacher assistants and support staff. Several staff members reside in the community, while others live no more than 45 minutes away.

From Internal Review Report (Accreditation 2008); updated September, 2019