Lunenburg County Lifestyle Center School Trip - February 13

Fun Day at the LCLC in Bridgewater

                 Skate and Swim


 The following is a list of what your child will need for this day:

·           Warm clothes                                                                            

·           Hat, gloves or mitts                                                         

·           Snow pants or splash pants over warm pants                 

·           Skates,helmet –this can be a bike helmet(CSA)              

             Towel and swimsuit                                                           

·         Lunch that can be eaten quickly                                         

 If parents have extra equipment they would like to send in for others to borrow, you can do so a few days before this event.

We are so grateful to have the volunteers that have signed up to help with this event.  If you are a volunteer, please be at the LCLC in Bridgewater by 10:00. Thank you so much.