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Lunenburg County Lifestyle Center School Trip - February 13

Fun Day at the LCLC in Bridgewater

                 Skate and Swim


 The following is a list of what your child will need for this day:

·           Warm clothes                                                                            

·           Hat, gloves or mitts                                                         

·           Snow pants or splash pants over warm pants                 

·           Skates,helmet –this can be a bike helmet(CSA)              

             Towel and swimsuit                                                           

·         Lunch that can be eaten quickly                                         

 If parents have extra equipment they would like to send in for others to borrow, you can do so a few days before this event.

We are so grateful to have the volunteers that have signed up to help with this event.  If you are a volunteer, please be at the LCLC in Bridgewater by 10:00. Thank you so much.


ACES Winter Carnival is Feb 12-16


Winter Carnival

 Dear Parents/Guardians,

             Next week, starting Monday, February 12th through Friday, February 16th, ACES will be holding their Winter Carnival while also learning about the Winter Olympics.  For this each classroom has selected a classroom colour to represent their ‘team.’  In addition each ‘team’ has chosen a name and created a flag.

            To support this event we ask that you help us out by reminding your child of the events each day.  Below we have provided you with some needed information;

Team Colours -  Primary Diepenveen – white      P/1 Robinson – Black

                               1/2 Jacobs – Blue                                  2 Mosher – Red

                                  3/4 Storm – Green                       4 Demone – Purple

                                                       5 Sansford – Pink

Monday, February 12th, 2018

           12:45pm Assembly in the gym...

               students are asked to wear their class colours, one point will be award for every student  wearing their class colour.

              Start Decorating your door (Winter, Olympics, Carnival theme)

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

School wide skating and swimming

Winter ‘toque’ day – 1pt per student with a winter ‘toque’

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

         Crazy Hair/Crazy Hat Day, 1pt per student with crazy hair/crazy hat

        Sock Hops in the gym (P-2 at recess, 3-5 at 11:45)

         Valentine events in your own classroom

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

          Students are asked to wear class colours, 1pt per student wearing class colour

         Stations in the gym/school,

         Door decorating judging day

Friday, February 16th, 2018   

        PJ Day, 1pt per student who wears their pajamas.

         Closing Ceremony in the gym, 12:40, awards and participation ribbons will be handed out.  Please bring your class banner and flag

Thank you for all your help with this,

ACES Staff