Revised Cafeteria Menu Effective Immediately

Daily specials are $5.50, served with a juice and a choice of a cookie or muffin
$5.00, served with a milk and choice of a cookie or muffin
$4.50, served with a choice of a cookie or muffin

Monday: Spectacular Spaghetti served with Meatballs and Caesar Salad
Tuesday: Tasty Tacos
Wednesday: Mac n’ Cheese served with Fresh Green Beans
Thursday: Submarine Sandwiches (Ham, Mayo, Lettuce,Cheese, Tomato), served with Cool Cucumbers
Friday: Ooey-Gooey Cheese Pizza,served with Crunchy Carrots and Dip

Cranberry Apple Chicken, $3.00
“Green” Grilled Cheese, $2.50
“Egg-ceptional” Egg Salad, $3.00
Crispy Grilled Cheese, $2.50

Caesar (Large $4.00, Small $2.00)
Garden (Large $4.00, Small $2.00)

Berry Oatmeal Bar, $1.00
Fruit, $0.50
Muffin, $0.50
Cookie, $0.50
Cheese String, $1.00

Juice box, $1.00
Water, $1.00
Milk, $0.40

Pre Primary Program Information

Want information on the Pre-Primary Program? Here you go just click the link below. It has lots of information for families. You will also have the opportunity to fill out the  beginning of a registration form that you can submit it online.

Gillian Kiely
Pre Primary Lead Facilitator
South Shore Regional Centre for Education
(902) 521-3203