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Lunenburg County Lifestyle Center School Trip - February 13

This event was a HUGE success. We want to thank all the wonderful volunteers that showed up to help out, as well as some of the Lumberjack hockey team members that came to skate with the kids. Of course, we are also thankful to all the teachers and TAs that helped organize and give their time for their students on this day. Thank you so much.


Easter Egg Hunt Benefit for Sean Jollymore

 Hello everyone,

Since the Easter Egg hunt was so successful last year and most of all the kids and families had a blast, their family/ friend support group are going to have another one this year on Good Friday at the Blandford Community Centre.  This event wouldn’t have been such a huge success last year without the support of businesses and individuals donations.  They were able to host the event with having everything donated and had money to start the day with for the family.  They were able to give the family over $8000 to assist with their expenses while battling Sean’s leukemia. Here is the facebook page in regards to Sean’s Battle if you wish to look at his journey since Jan 2016 -  

 Donations items that are suggested but not limited to:

Canteen Items – Juice Packs, Cases of Pop, Cases of Water, Easter Cookies, Muffins, Coffee, tea, Hot Chocolate, creamers, sugar, coffee cups;

Easter Treats – Chocolate Eggs, Easter Candy, Candy, Rice Krispie packaged squares, Fruit Roll ups, Kinder Eggs, Ziploc bags, anything for Treat Bags;

Items for Auction - Merchandise, Gift Cards, Gift Certificates;

Bake Table – any bake goods to sell;

any Cash Donations received will be used to purchase items for the fundraiser, any remaining cash will be given to the family.

Contacts for donation items:

Wendy Chase  902-980-0012  Blandford or all Areas

Katrina Johnston  902-277-0746  Chester Area

Jackie MacEwan  902-980-1103  Hubbards Area.

We thank you for your consideration