Paralympians visit ACES


It was a special day for us when Paraolympians Adam Lancia and Jamey Jewells came to ACES. In preparation for the assembly each student created a " welcome flag" and a banner. The flags were put outside to greet the visitors when they arrived. The banners were hung in the Music Room, where we held the assembly. Two of ACES Ambassador's Emily and Lawson led the assembly. We started with the National Anthem. Then we watched a video clip ofthe  Paraolympics. Our special guests then addressed the audience. They spoke about the dedication and perserverence required to be an athlete. They said the same thing was true of being a good student. They talked about working at the " hard " stuff as well as the " easy stuff". They spoke of the good character needed to be a team player. The students had a chance to ask questions - which proved to be very popular. Our February " Students of the Month" received their awards: Eric, Stella, Sean, Hannah, Heather, Roman,and Sarah. Some lucky students managed to get autographs signed. Our visitors left some prizes which were drawn for at the end of the day.

ACES and the Boston Christmas Tree


 ACES staff and students were very excited to be invited to attend the cutting of the Boston Christmas Tree. The Department of Natural Resources was planning the event  months in advance. When we arrived we were greeted by DNR officials. They loaded each bus and explained the protocol for the ceremony. Each child was given a NS hat to wear. Once off the bus we met with Shatford Elementary. Soon afterwards the ceremony began. There were speeches including a guest from Boston. Robert's grandmother Mary also spoke. She said the tree which was coming off her property was a gift from her family and also a gift from the province. All of a sudden we heard shouts " Santa's coming!!", sure enough Santa was climbing out of a lobster boat and into a dory. He was then rowed ashore where students eagerly greeted him. A boom truck was positioned closer to the Christmas Tree, strapping was secured so the tree could be carefully lowered once it was cut.  The chain saw was started and the cutting began. Cheers broke out everywhere when the tree came down. We stayed to watch the tree get put on the flatbed. As we headed back to the bus, students were presented with their own saplings. " you never know" said a employee from DNR, " forty years from now we may be calling you asking for your tree to be given to Boston".